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Yellow wildflower in the gardenHomePro Garden carries unique and colorful accessories for the home landscape and garden. Our flagship product is our Handcrafted Wren Houses. If you’re tired of boring birdhouses, have a look below at our unique color combinations that will surely make your yard the star of the neighborhood.

Handmade Wren Houses are Our Signature Product

Our unique and colorful birdhouses are just the right size for little songbirds like wrens and chickadees. The attached chain makes it easy to hang from a large tree or mounted from a hook in your backyard. The poly lumber material (made from recycled plastic items such as pop bottles) lasts a long time while being good for the environment! Additional detail is available on our recycled plastic wren house product page.

Featured Colors

Brilliant Blue and Green

colorful bird housesThis brilliant blue roof and green base is the perfect accent to add a little color to your yard. We’ve taken the colors found in nature and just given them a little boost to make a winning combination.

These colorful wren houses won’t fade in the sun and are almost maintenance-free. The recycled plastic materials don’t need to be weatherproofed and are not prone to wood-born pests.

Sassy Purple and Pink

Uniquely Colored Wren HousesA pretty violet-purple roof with a pink base will make even the grumpiest birds sing. This playful combination is sure to be the star of your garden setting.

Did you know that once the wrens have selected a location for nesting, they will return year after year? So do your best to make your yard attractive to these sweet little songbirds, and you will be rewarded for many years to come.

Classic Navy Blue and Weatherwood

Wren Bird OuseThe navy and weather-wood wren house is a winning color combination that looks especially pretty in wooded settings. The dark navy roof is a true beauty when nestled in the branches of a big tree.

A favorite for anyone who prefers the classics, this outdoor bird house will blend in beautifully with both evergreen and deciduous trees. A wonderful addition to any garden setting.

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