How to Add Color to Your Backyard at Any Time of Year Without Planting

Does your backyard need a burst of color? Check out these 15 great ways to add color to the garden in the off-season!

1. Add a Water Feature – The Birds & Wildlife Will Thank You

Adding a water feature to your backyard will bring life to the garden even during the coldest months. Fountains, koi ponds, and birdbaths are three types of popular water features.

yellow and blue tit drinking from red bird bath

A pretty birdbath can be placed in the yard to cool down the birds and give them a welcome drink while they feed on insects and seeds. Even stone birdbaths attract colorful birds, so you can’t go wrong with

Koi ponds and lilypads bring additional color to the garden while adding interest as well as a place for wildlife to flourish.

2. Set Up A Pretty Hammock To Enjoy With The Family

child swing in a striped hammock

Anyone can set up a hammock in the backyard and enjoy the view of the garden while relaxing. This is also a great way to invite children to participate or watch while you are gardening.

They’re a great choice for a backyard retreat, and add a relaxing way for you to enjoy the beauty of your backyard.

3. Paint Your Old Watering Cans and Display Them Along The Fence

red and yellow watering cans

A fun idea to add a bit more color is to upcycle old or unused gardening equipment and repurpose it as garden art. Watering cans, old planters or pots, rakes, shovels, and even stones can be transformed into an art project. This article has a good tutorial on painting old garden tools that uses outdoor acrylic paint.

4. Hang A Bright Bird House For A Pop Of Color In The Trees

Birdhouses come in a variety of fun colors and styles. HomePro Garden has a collection of colorful wren houses that would look beautiful hanging in a corner of your yard.

Wren houses for sale

Choose from one of the classics like Navy blue, Burgundy, or Forest green.

Or you make it fun and festive with our bright blue and lime or pink and purple combinations.

5. Hang Wooden Signs for Inspiration

There are many wonderful signs available at most gardening stores that can be placed anywhere in the garden for inspiration or as a unique decorative touch.
These wooden signs are made from cedar wood and are weather-resistant, making them perfect for outdoor use.

6. Add Comfy Lounge Pieces For Friends Or Fido

If you like to spend time in your backyard with friends and family then you’ll want some comfy furniture to relax on after dinner or late afternoon.

outdoor furniture with bright orange yellow and green pillows

An outdoor furniture with colorful pillows creates a very inviting setting for your backyard party.

Choose from patio chairs, swings, hammocks, and benches that will bring the colors of the rainbow into your backyard.

7. Light Up The Garden Path With Solar-Powered Lighting

solar lights in garden edging

Solar-powered lights work by converting energy from the sun into an electrical charge. This charge can then be used to light up your garden path at night.

Solar-powered lights come in a wide range of designs and colors.
These lights can be placed anywhere there is natural lighting or they can be used as a secondary light source if installed near a light pole.

8. Hang Decorative Wind Chimes

Windchimes come in a variety of materials and styles. As the wind blows, the chimes will make a very soothing sound.

Look for metal wind chimes that will bring in colors in the forms of flowers, butterflies, birds, and nature scenes.

9. Paint a Section of Fence a New Color

Set your backyard apart from the rest with a uniquely colored fence. Choose from a wide range of fence colors from traditional black to fun and festive colors like purple, pink, lime green, yellow, and more. You can also hire an artist to paint a mural on a white fence or make it a fun backyard project for the whole family.

When choosing a color for the fence you will need to take into consideration that sunlight can fade out color vibrancy.

10. Display Outdoor Garden Art

owl and frog garden art

There are many ways to make a garden decoration out of almost any kind of image. Metal garden art is an excellent choice for the garden and can be very stylish and unique.

A metal wall art can be placed near a decorative gate or fence and lend the garden a decorative touch.

11. Add Colorful Flowerpots to Your Backyard


You can create interest in your yard by using colorful pots to grow flowers or vegetables. Planting flowers in colorful pots is a great way to add color and grow seasonal flowers year-round.

While it is possible to paint flowerpots yourself, you can also buy pots that are already painted and decorated at most gardening stores.

12. Install An Awning Or Shade Cloth

fabric swatches for outdoor fabric

Awnings can be used to shade off areas, protect plants, or act as a canopy to provide shade. These make great additions to backyards and can be purchased in plenty of different fabric colors.

Outdoor fabrics like Sunbrella are available in a wide range of patterns, textures, and colors that have been tested for outdoor durability.

13. Add a Happy Dwarf to liven up bare spots in the garden.

Colorful dwarf with peace sign in backyard

Garden-inspired figurines like fairies and dwarfs are a great way to liven up your garden area.

Choose from fun garden figures that will bring a smile to the face of your guests or choose from colorful figures that will match the theme of your backyard.

14. Create Mosaic Stepping Stones

stepping stone

Mosaic stepping stones are a unique way to add some color to your yard. Be sure to use high quality materials for this project, since the stones will need to withstand some level of traffic – be it children or pets.

You can find mosaic kits at most craft stores, but they tend to have limited choices for colors. One option is to do a keystone or border where you keep the background of the stone in one color, while adding in tiles that match your theme throughout the rest of it.

15. Hang Lanterns and Balloons for a Fun and Festive Feel!

outdoor paper lanterns

Enjoy the lighting of your backyard without the hassle of candles. These battery-operated lanterns give off a soft glow and can light up your garden for hours.

Ready to Add Some Color?

You don’t have to wait for the warm weather to brighten up your yard. You can add color at any time of year with fabrics, birding accessories and garden art.

Do you have more fun ideas to add more color to your backyard without using plants or flowers? Let us know in the comments below!