Recycled Plastic Wren Houses

Are you ready to hear the birds sing? Attract wrens and chickadees to your garden landscape with our recycled plastic bird houses and listen to them sing all season long. Our uniquely colored wren houses will bring joy to any landscape.

Made from eco friendly recycled plastic materials the are super easy to clean and almost maintenance free. Available for purchase on

Navy Blue recycled plastic wren house hanging in a tree

Navy and Weatherwood Wren House

Measurements. Each bird house measures 6-1/4 inches high, 7 inches wide and 6 inches deep.

The Perfect Size for Wrens & Chickadees. The entrance hole is 1-1/8 inches wide, which is the the perfect size for these pretty little songbirds to get in and keep the larger birds out.

Bright Blue and Green Hanging Wren House on White Background

Bright Blue & Green Wren House

Easy to Clean. Each wren bird house is made from water resistance poly lumber, they are easy to clean and not subject to rotting or wood born pests.

Easy to Install. Each hanging bird house has an 8 inch chain that is attached securely with stainless steel hardware

Handcrafted with Care. Handmade by Amish craftsman of Pennsylvania, our wren and chickadee houses were made with love. No rubber stamped factory models here!

3 Colorful Wren Houses with Gift Box

Packaged ready for gift giving

A Great Gift Item. Each bird house is carefully wrapped in a gift box with tissue paper, ready to give to your favorite friend or relative.

5 Color Choices. Choose from 5 pretty color combinations:

  • Classic Navy & Weatherwood
  • Bright Blue & Green
  • Sassy Purple and Pink
  • Forrest Green and Cedar
  • Rich Cherry and Weatherwood

Designed to Keep Your Wrens Safe and Secure

A sloped roof helps to keep the rain out and make sure to keep the inside of the bird house nice and dry. Our wren house was designed with no perch since they are known to make it too easy for predators to access the nest.

When hanging your house, choose a branch that is sturdy enough to support it securely. The house should swing gently from the branch.

Hanging Bright Blue and Green Bird House

A small hole is drilled in the bottom of the house for drainage in the case any rain does make it inside. The base of the bird house is attached with 2 screws and can be easily removed with a Phillips head screwdriver. It is recommended to clean the birdhouse each season, preferably in the autumn months when there is no activity.

Base of Birdhouse showing drainage hole

A small triangle shaped ventilation hole is located in the back of the house to keep the air flowing freely. This keeps the house from overheating during warmer days and provides good air circulation for the nesting birds.

Back of Birdhouse showing a vented slot for good airflow

Our recycled plastic wren houses are available for sale exclusively on Click here for more information and photos or to buy yours today!